Web hosting

we offer competitively priced web hosting plans.

We cater for a range of hosting requirements. We can discuss your hosting needs and recommend a current and future solution or tailor a package to suit your unique requirements. Each package includes automatic backup but does incurr a fee to restore. Please note, only the entire site can be restored in one go.

web hosting features

domain registration

linux servers

Many people are running cloud based linux servers for their hosting. We manage a wide variety of linux platforms for our clients hosting, allowing you to run high-end cloud based servers for scaleability without any technical knowledge required.

custom solutions

Talk to us about your hosting and what you want to achieve - from the small one-page website to a facebook app - and we can advise a customised plan for you.


cloud hosting

Our cloud hosting is a fast, reliable and scalable solution for your website hosting. Our enterprise grade cloud infrastructure features multiple server load-balancing and clustering that easily handles traffic spikes and periods of high demand while working together to provide strong and secure backups and server failovers.

domain registration

We can take the hassle out of registering your domain name, from yourbusiness.com.au to international addresses such as .com and .io. Ask us about how we can protect your business name with multiple domain name purchases.


dedicated hosting

You’ll likely need a dedicated server once your site increases in popularity and starts putting pressure on standard hosting, a service that is only capable of handling a certain number of hits per hour. Once that amount of hits is reached, your site will start going offline to the extra people trying to connect.

When this starts happening, it’s time to upgrade to your own custom environment – whether it’s a single dedicated server or cloud based technology with a central database communicating with multiple front-end servers. If you don't know whether you’ll need this or not, start with standard hosting until it becomes apparent that you need to upgrade. Most of our clients don’t need anything more than standard hosting, but If you're about to run a major media campaign that will drive more traffic to your site, dedicated hosting will provide the capability and capacity for you.

Contact us for a quote and we can tailor a dedicated hosting solution for your needs.

optional offsite backup

Design of your site is all well-and-good but what about where you keep your site? Did you know that a lot of hosting providers don't maintain individual site backups? As an example there's a Wordpress exploit that's been released but you haven't updated your site yet. A hacker grabs the opportunity and destroys your site.

Many hosting providers would then ask you to restore your backup. We offer an optional backup service that will do a daily backup of your site and keep it for a week, then maintain weekly backups for a month. Our backups can be downloaded from our admin panel or, for a fee, we can restore certain files for you.

do you need a website designed and built?

We provide a wide range of web development services ranging from Wordpress sites with customised templates through to eCommerce solutions with bespoke integration. Find out more...

do you want your own internal server?

we provide a range of IT services for businesses with support available onsite or via remote access. We can setup your osx desktop, osx/linux server and all the required office infrastructure. Find out more...