abnet provides web development, safe web hosting and osx/linux server deployment services throughout greater melbourne.

Custom Web Development

Our specialty is creating a website to your specifications, integrating it with your existing workflows. We can integrate with your existing systems provided they allow network connections.

Quality Graphic Design

With professional graphic designers experienced in website design, user interface and usability, you can rest easy knowing your site will look professional and do the job.


OSX Desktop Support

With years of experience in Apple desktop support, we can help manage your day-to-day business, network rollouts, building relocations and more. We offer both remote and onsite support.


Wordpress and CMS

Depending on your requirements we can create a wordpress site with a template customised to your liking, or build you a custom template linked to our simple CMS. We work with you and make sure your needs and budget determine which model suits you best.


Safe Web Hosting

We offer competitively priced hosting with unlimited data usage and a regular backup plan, perfect for when your website breaks or a staff member accidentally deletes your content. We offer a backup option that takes a monthly backup with daily incremental backups.

Linux Servers

Many people are running cloud based linux servers for their hosting. We manage a wide variety of linux platforms for our clients hosting, allowing you to run high-end cloud based servers for scaleability without any technical knowledge required.


Network Monitoring

Do you run a network with multiple servers, switches and office locations? Instead of waiting for the phone to ring and find out where an issue is, we can place a server on your network that will monitor the state of these devices and send you reports as needed.

Internet Monitoring

We replace your internet gateway with an intelligent router that includes a strong firewall with robust commercial content filtering. It can provide usage statistics for both the computers and users on your network, helping you manage your business.


Offsite Backups

If you have a central server and that backs up overnight to an external HDD and it's subsequently stolen or lost in a fire, that backup would be lost. Offsite storage in the cloud reduces that risk and allows you to recover your data quickly and efficiently.