IT Support

we offer businesses onsite or remote desktop support, osx/linux servers and office infrastructure design and testing.

ABNet offers a wide range of IT services to help you and your business get the most out of your systems. We can help you from the ground-up, through a business relocation or new office fitout to integrating new equipment into existing infrastructure. We take the time to listen to your requirements and plan properly what needs to be done both now, and for your future requirements.

Too often businesses make quick IT decisions only for it to bite them when it comes to adding the next server or adding more equipment to the office. We can take the worry out of that process and make sure you have a plan for the future that makes sense. Whatever your IT needs are, we can build, maintain, extend and integrate your network, servers, desktop and mobile devices across your business.

servers, support hardware and networks

We can review your whole system efficiently by understanding what you need from your system. With Apple certification and over a decade of experience with OSX and Linux server install and setup, we’re able to make sure your server is up and running and properly configured so you can start working as quickly as possible. It’s not just servers though, we can build your network and review, fix and extend the physical infrastructure such as making sure your network cabling and ports are delivering full ethernet speeds and we can advise on the hardware and placement of wireless equipment to suit your building and needs.

Desktop Support and Management

And for those with smaller offices or simple small office server solutions, we offer OSX desktop support. We can help reduce your internal IT workload with easy onsite, phone or remote desktop support to keep your macs up and running. For time critical environments we can plan and deliver system images which allow you to deploy, or rebuild, your macs on a tight timeline, by your own staff if required. We can also save your download quotas by setting up your server as a software update server, making sure updates aren’t downloaded multiple times across your network or move your email system in-house with gmail or Kerio - a great solution for those sending big email attachments internally.


Firewalls, Security and Monitoring

With a server and network ready have you thought about firewalls and security? How about internal monitoring of internet usage and remote monitoring of critical components or processes? We’re able to help advise and implement a wide range of solutions that can help you keep your business running smoothly with instant alerts for hardware and component failure across the office or across the world. Our internet filtering systems can help you manage content filtering or troubleshoot excess usage charges - charges that can easily range into thousands of dollars.

flexible service, excellent results

ABNet has worked with many clients and all have different and unique requirements. From planning, transport and setup of mobile POS infrastructure to support a clients' tent at the Melbourne Cup to setting up rackmount servers, switches and UPS equipment and testing network cabling at another clients' new office, we are able to work with you and deliver a tailored, quality IT solution. We can supply planning, equipment and the manpower to get the job done.

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