Knowing what your business is doing can save you a lot of time and money.

Fix an issue as soon as it happens, not deal with it once its become a real problem. Often people suffer from slow internet problems in the work place. They have the fastest connection they can afford yet its still slow. Most people have no idea what is causing that slow down on the network.

Internet slow downs, servers or websites down, critical services running? Wouldn't it be better to know about these before the phone starts ringing? Often a problem can be resolved before anyone even realised there was one.

Internet and Network Monitoring

Using a Kerio Control Box as your gateway to the internet will allow you to monitor your internet usage. See real time user statistics and logs and what websites your staff are accessing with graphs and breakdowns on typical types of traffic.

With this system we can also provide a proxy server with a login so that your staff must provide a user login before they can gain access to the internet. Then all traffic, no matter what computer they sit at, will be recorded against their username.

Kerio Control is a UTM firewall that protects against evolving threats. It has a flexible user policy manager and firewall rules, VPN connectivity, bandwidth management and QoS.

Kerio Control Graph

need safe hosting for your site?

We offer the ability to grow. Our plans can be upgraded to increase storage and all plans offer unlimited traffic as standard. We also offer an additional module that allows daily backups of your site - perfect for sites with multiple admins and authors or those with lots of content and active user communities. Find out more...

want your own hosting infrastructure?

Shared hosting is great for a standard site but what happens once your site starts to grow and gets a large volume of hits? If your site is disapearing offline on your current hosting it may be because you have a large volume of traffic. Upgrading to a dedicated hosting environment will allow you to quickly scale your hosting requirements as required. Find out more...